Business matching

About Business Matching

Toshihiro Tamai

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, MaXGUY Holdings


SMBC Banking Corporation is one of Japan’s top 3 financial institutions. Over his 32 year career within SMBC, Mr Tamai has worked within many departments of SMBC from retail banking to senior management within SMBC’s head office. Herein, Mr Tamai worked with many small, medium and large companies throughout Japan. Thereafter, since 2013, Mr Tamai has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer for MaxGuy Holdings(Japan)and CEO of MAXGUY(THAILAND

This background gives him a strong business-to-business, B2B networking abilities. building on this, Mr Tamai has solid experience in business promotion, re-constructing (and rejuvenating) broken companies with a focus on financing, marketing, human resources and recruitment.

Consulting Fee

  • Contingent fee ( Sucess fee )
  • 2% ~ 10% / trading amount
Past Results

Case 01

A Thai clash plastic company sought to buy clash plastic from a Japan clash plastic company. We matched this Thai compony with a best-fit Japan plastic company upon their request.

Case 02

A Thai company wanted a Japan construction company to construct their Japan headquarter building. We introduced them to a reliable Japanese construction company (in the city of that Headquarters)

Case 03

A Taiwan clash plastic company sought to expand their clash plasitcs business. Subsequently, we introduced the Taiwan crash plastic company to a leading Japanese clash plastic company.

Case 04

A Thai hospital wanted to establish strong relations and a partnership with a reputable hospital in Japan to its develop highly specialized oncology care facilities; we matched two leading Thai and Japanese hospitals to initiate then develop their oncological expertise.

Case 05

Thai mining company sought to sell minerals of mining to Japan mining mineral company . We matched this Thai company with a best-fit Japan mining mineral company upon their request.

Our promise to for our business matching to our clients


At first, we will clarify your objective to sell to Japan company or buy from Japan company or further aspirations. Hereafter, unless an extraordinary event occurs, within 2 months we will negotiate as a proxy of the client company to the company


The procedure for our business matching



We will initiate a detailed negotiation about the needs of business matching with the senior management of the client company. Herein, we will negotiate as a representative of the client company to  Japan company to be contacted, wherein it is an important factor for us to already have established strong bonds to the senior management of the client company.

When meeting, we will fully clarify the terms of the business (FOB or CIF) of the client company and payment terms.

With respect to the goods and services, we will certainly affirm confirm your competitive advantage over the market.


面談時には、 ご依頼企業の取引条件(FOB or CIF)と支払い 条件を確認します。



Please respond promptly to any questions from Japanese companies. Any delays of more than one week tend to dampen trust from the Japanese side (without a reason for the delay of response).


We are looking for partner companies for our business matching 


Terms of partner company

  • 1. Be able to communicate in the English or Japanese languages
  • 2. To receive information from the senior management of the client company
  • 3. There is samples for the business matching that you want to sell, and you already confirmed the factory of the client company
  • 4. The transaction condition (FOB or CIF) and payment terms to have been confirmed


  • 1. 英語若しくは日本語で会話が可能なこと
  • 2. 依頼企業のトップから得た情報であること
  • 3. 売りたいビジネスマッチングではサンプルがあること、あなた自身が依頼企業の工場を確認していること
  • 4. 取引条件(FOB or CIF)と支払い条件が確認できていること