Purchasing Goods

  • What brands do we buy?

    High-end luxurious brands. For bags are LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, HERMES, PRADA, GUCCI and etc. For watches are ROLEX, OMEGA, TAG HEUER, CARTIER and etc.

  • Do we buy any other brands apart from bags and watches?

    We also buy accessories such as wallet, key case, necktie, scarf, sunglasses and jewelry. Please ask our staffs for more details.

  • How is the price estimated?

    We estimate the price based on the product’s popularity and condition using the current Japanese market as a reference.

  • Do you buy products without a guarantee card or accessories?

    No, we will only accept official Thai receipts or official import duty receipts of the Royal Thai Customs Dept.

  • Are there minimum piece allotments if I want to sell my products?

    We buy at least one (1) piece. The buying price will be calculated on their actual condition.

  • What should I do if I want to sell something to MaXGUY TOKYO?

    Please bring the products you would like to sell along with your official ID card and official receipts; please see more details on the buying process page.

  • How long does product inspection take?

    It depends on the product as we estimate the price based current market trends.


  • What kind of store is MaXGUY TOKYO?

    MaXGUY TOKYO is a specialized boutique store selling and buying second hand brand name bags and watches. * For more information, please see here

  • Is there minimum age requirement for selling products to MaXGUY TOKYO?

    We accept product only from customers aged 20 years old and above.

  • Can I cancel the sale after product inspection?

    Yes, if you are not satisfied with our price or service, you can take your products back. However, once the written sales agreement is made, it is not possible to cancel.

  • Is there any MaXGUY TOKYO store in Japan?

    There are 79 stores under MaXGUY Group throughout Japan (As of August 2017).

  • Why should I buy from MaXGUY TOKYO?

    All of the product in our store were well selected by Japanese professional and with our experiences we gained over the past 10 years from more than 100 branches located in Japan, we can guarantee you both quality and satisfaction our products. * For more information, please see here

  • Are products exchangeable?

    Products are neither refundable nor exchangeable. However, if you find any defects, please feel free to consult our staffs.